Holistic Approach

Office workers who works long stressful hours may have experienced insomnia, anxiety, and Upset Stomach. Whenever there is work-life imbalance, energy flow is disrupted. Here in Sydney Health Physio CBD, we integrate acupuncture with physiotherapy. Continue Reading..

In the CBD, we are trying to Balance our busy Work Schedule with Intense Workout routines and Organized sports. Amongst the Most Popular here in the CBD: Yoga, Pilates, Gym class, Lunch-time Touch Footy, Soccer, Pole Dancing.

Muscle tightness, weakness, and joint stiffness can all contribute to Non-Optimal Biomechanics (movements) and impede on sport performance and leading to Repetitive Strain Injury.

To be able to perform optimally, it is important to focus on control and efficiency of your movements. This means looking into whether the correct muscles are firing? Is it firing timely? Continue Reading..

Dry needling

Working in the office and working out in the gym tends to overload a particular part of our body. This is because we are required to stay in the same posture for a prolonged period of time, or repeat the same movement over and over.

The overloaded tissue becomes inflamed, leading to the development of joint stiffness and fascial irritation. Dry needling is a technique applied to stimulate changes in soft tissue quality based on Neuro-Dynamic Principle (nerve firing patterns and movement through tissues). Continue Reading..

Living in a civilized and advanced society, we are often required to commit to one posture for long hours. Many of us are engaged to our phones, monitors, or documents for hours. Continue Reading..

The Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) is a common cause of lower back pain. It is a joint missed by many health professionals as the Sacroiliac Joint is often wrongly perceived as immovable joint. Continue Reading..

Whiplash is a condition that typically replaces the term “post-motor vehicle accident syndrome”. Symptoms appear several hours after the actual incidence. Continue Reading..

Whether you are a top athlete wanting a better performance, or a senior wanting a better walking (gait) balance, a good core control improves spine stability and general body resilience. Continue Reading..

Steps to recoveryWrist and ankle fractures are often left unattended by the person sustaining the injury until several days after the injury. Possible fracture to the wrist happens with a fall onto outstretched hand, which often happens during ski, snowboard, or bike accidents. Possible Fracture to the foot and ankle happens with heavy landing whilst walking down stairs or a heavy sprain to the ankle. If you are suspecting a fracture, we suggest that you first consult a General Practitioner. It may be worthwhile to obtain a referral for imaging (eg. XRay). Continue Reading..